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Welcome to the Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia (ITS Georgia). Here you will learn about our Chapter activities and gain a better understanding of how intelligent transportation systems (ITS) improve safety, mobility and the efficiency of Georgia’s transportation infrastructure.

Have your company or agency become a member of ITS Georgia today and please join us at our next monthly meeting, social event and our 2020 Annual Meeting on beautiful Jekyll Island.

Winter Horbal
ITS Georgia Chapter President


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Maldonado-Burkett LLP

The Maldonado-Burkett, LLP (M-B) Team brings over 125 years of collective experience in ITS design and implementation, roadway illumination, roadway design, traffic control planning, plan…

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July 29 2020 ITS Georgia Chapter Meeting | Maintaining ITS Infrastructure

The traffic operations community has not done an effective job selling our infrastructure maintenance needs. There are some gaps and blind spots in our data that keep us from making...

Our Mission

We believe that ITS is a valuable tool for improved management of any transportation system, regardless of the inherent complexity of the system. ITS can help operate, manage, and maintain the system once it has been constructed.

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Chapter Leadership

The Officers and Board of Directors are comprised of transportation professionals from around Georgia. Each is elected by the membership to two-year terms.

Winter Horbal is Chapter President.

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Chapter News

ITS Georgia is the fastest growing ITS Chapter in the nation. ITS Georgia is also one of the top performing chapters  - winning State Chapter of the Year in 2016, 2014 and 2012.

Learn more about ITS Georgia in the Chapter News page.

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