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January 23 – ITS Georgia Meeting State Road and Tollway Executive Director Chris Tomlinson

Chris gave an updaChris_Tomlinsonte on SRTA and the work it is doing on Georgia’s 2 (and possibly 3) upcoming Managed Lanes Projects:  I-75 Northwest Corridor, I-75 South Express Lanes and the I-85 Express Lanes Extension.  The presentation will provide ITS Georgia attendees with insight on the tolling/ITS aspects of the project with some information on the division of responsibilities and systems between GDOT and SRTA as well as the plan for joint operations of the projects once completed.

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 February 19 – Transportation Reception

2014 reception

Tom and Hizzinor

February 27 – ITS Georgia Chapter Meeting

The program will highlight MassDOT’s Real Time Travel Management projects that provide travel times between major freeway interchanges.

Portable message signsTopics covered will be:

  •    Concepts for system operation
  •    Consideration for device placement
  •    Operating the system
  •    Maintenance issues
  •    Suggestions for future systems

Taylor Stukes has been involved in ITS since the beginnings of computer-controlled traffic signal systems in the late ’80s.  His experience includes large-scale projects in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and a fiber/wireless communication network for the King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia.

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March 27 – ITS Georgia Chapter Meeting – Connected Vehicles

The Connected Vehicle platform provides opportunities for exploitation by the Advanced Traffic Management Software (ATMS). The simplest of these is the addition of the Connected Vehicle as a traffic probe and a messaging platform for Traveler Advisory Messages (TAMs). The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) SunGuide ATMS has been extended to include both of these.

The Basic Safety Message (BSM) is currently utilized to provide basic probe data including speed, latitude, longitude and direction of travel; latitude, longitude and direction are mapped to roadway and roadway direction. The Probe Vehicle Data Message (PVDM) can be mined for additional information including crash (hard breaking, air bag deployment), precipitation (windshield wiper) and other data useful to traffic management.

This presentation will discuss the collection of vehicle probe data as well as broadcasting TAMs and its usefulness to the traveling public.

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April 24 ITS Georgia Chapter Meeting – FHWA Signal Operations Scan

FHWA Signal Operations Scan Tour November 2013 – Lessons Learned Summary:

Alan Davis (State Signal Engineer, GDOT) and Dee Taylor (Senior Traffic Engineer, URS) discuss findings of a recent scan tour taken with other GDOT employees and local agencies.

Topics covered will be an overview of, and lessons learned from, signal operations and traffic management in Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles and how these agencies interact with their signal systems.

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May 22 – ITS Georgia Chapter Meeting – Highway 9 ITS

Bill_AndrewsHighway 9 ITS project is the topic with Bill Andrews of Sandy Springs.

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June 26 – ITS Georgia Chapter Meeting



This month, we’ll feature two presentations about ongoing work at Georgia Tech using technology to improve transit. Dr. Kari Edison Watkins (Civil & Environmental Engineering) will talk about real-time transit information in Atlanta, introducing the website and apps now available here via OneBusAway.

Dr. John Bartholdi (Industrial & Systems Engineering), will talk about self-coordinating buses, specifically a method of coordinating buses that abandons the idea of a schedule or even any a priori headway and instead allows equal headways to emerge spontaneously. Click here for more information.

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July 30 –  ITS Georgia Chapter Meeting

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The program will include a presentation about past, current and future ATMS projects in Roswell by Muhammad Rauf, the City Traffic Engineer and Derrick Crowder, the Signal Systems Manager. There will also be a tour of recently completed Traffic Control Center.

City of Roswell has come a long way in traffic management technology in the past 3 years. Learn how the City has been handling multiple projects and programs in this short amount of time. City’s Traffic Control Center is a great example of how to do more with less; with a well-known adaptive control system and communication to most of City’s traffic signals; come and see how it’s all done through a less than 200 square feet facility.

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August 28 – ITS Georgia Chapter Meeting






Shared Infrastructure is the topic and it will discuss inter and intra agency use of resources to better serve the public. Shahram Malek, PhD, PE, presenting, so it should be informative and entertaining.

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 September 14 – 17 – Joint ITS Georgia, Florida and GRITS Annual Meeting and Exhibitions


November 6 – Awards Banquet

Award Winner’s News Release

Awards Winner’s Write Up

Election Results


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November  17, 18 – Complete Streets

ITS America Web Site

ITS Georgia President Tom Sever Welcomes Complete Streets patrons

ITS Georgia President Tom Sever Welcomes Complete Streets patrons


AT&T Drive lab and connected vehicles

AT&T Drive lab and connected vehicles










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