2015 Best of ITS Awards Wrap

2015 ITS Georgia Best of ITS Awards


Project of Significance Award – Perimeter Traffic Operations Program (PTOP)

A project, study, or program undertaken in the previous twelve (12) months with an impact that is quantifiable and directly related to a specific activity/action that reduces congestion, improves safety and security, and enhances mobility in Georgia.

The Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs), led by President Yvonne Williams, has led the charge in improving traffic operations, reducing congestion, and enhancing mobility in the Perimeter area with the Perimeter Traffic Operations Program (PTOP). PTOP is a three-year, $3-million operations and

maintenance program for a complex multijurisdictional environment made up of a partnership between the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), two counties (Fulton and DeKalb), three cities (Brookhaven, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs), and two improvement districts (Perimeter Community Improvement Districts, which include DeKalb and Fulton). PCIDs selected the Kimley-Horn team to actively manage the arterial traffic flow into, out of, and within its business districts for 100 signalized intersections along 9 major corridors in the Perimeter area.

The consultant’s active management of these arterials includes evaluating the use of advanced signal timing techniques (such as traffic responsive, traffic adaptive, and flashing yellow arrow applications); providing regular signal timing and hardware maintenance; managing the implementation of operational and ITS infrastructure improvements; establishing and expanding communication infrastructure and CCTV video capabilities; and monitoring the system remotely from a Traffic Management Center (TMC). These services have enabled PTOP to accomplish phenomenal results over the last couple of years, despite working in a complex environment experiencing severe oversaturation. PTOP has reduced average vehicle delay by more than 30%, saving motorists 520,000+ hours of travel time and more than 660,000 gallons of gas each year, all while increasing average throughput by nearly 10%. Additionally, PTOP has achieved total annual savings for area motorists of nearly $9.8 million dollars. Because of the tremendous impacts this project has had and continues to have, PTOP is most deserving of the 2015 Project of Significance Award.”


Innovation: Outside the Box Award – GDOT’s Winter Weather Response Plan

Creative and unique approach or solution by an individual or group to an ITS challenge, or to an issue using ITS as a solution during the previous twelve (12) months.

The Georgia Department of Transportation’s Winter Weather Response Plan has had huge impacts throughout the State of Georgia. The plan focuses on proactive and preventative efforts that address severe hazardous winter conditions. The project includes, but is in no way limited to, the installation of 27 RWIS locations throughout the state to help more confidently predict and monitor weather conditions

including ice, temperature, precipitation, and wind. Even more, countless CCTV cameras and Changeable Message Signs (CMS) have been added to the Navigator Intelligent Transportation System to assist in monitoring conditions, informing the public, and deploying resources during a severe weather event. Additionally, GDOT’s Highway Emergency Response Operators (HEROs) are staged and ready to assist motorists with vehicle trouble and to quickly clear incidents from the roadway, and countless trucks and other equipment have been added to their fleet in order to pre-treat and maintain a safe roadway environment. Because of their creative and unique response to the events of Snowmaggedon, the Georgia Department of Transportation is being presented with the 2015 Innovation: Outside the Box Award for their Winter Weather Response Plan.”


Outstanding Public Member Agency Award – Gwinnett County DOT

Leadership in promoting ITS and/or ITSGA goals during the previous twelve (12) months.

Gwinnett County DOT, led by Tom Sever (our current ITS Georgia President), has developed one of the most robust ITS systems in the metro-Atlanta area. The Gwinnett County Transportation Control Center (TCC), part of their Traffic Engineering and Planning Division, monitors traffic conditions in real-time and uses state-of-the-art ITS technology to get the most out of the county’s roadway infrastructure. Currently,

TCC staff have access to nearly 200 traffic cameras and can communicate directly with almost 70% of the county’s 700+ traffic signals to make real-time adjustments. If a traffic incident occurs, TCC staff work to determine the cause and then respond as necessary to ease traffic by adjusting signal timing, diagnosing technical issues, and making critical repairs. The Gwinnett County DOT is on the forefront of ITS deployments as they are continuously adding more CCTVs and traffic signal connections along major corridors, including along Suwanee Dam Road, Indian Trail Road, Gravel Springs Road, Dacula Road, and future installs along US 78, Pleasant Hill Road, and SR 316, just to name a few. Because of their leadership in promoting ITS deployments throughout the state of Georgia and their active participation in ITS Georgia, the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation is being awarded the 2015 Outstanding Public Member Agency Award.”



Outstanding Volunteer Award – Xuewen Le

Open to all membership, including Board members and Committee Chairs, who have gone above and beyond to support ITS Georgia during the previous twelve (12) months.

Xuewen Le has worked tirelessly behind the scenes as the ITS Georgia Activities Committee Chair for

many years to build a sound technical program within ITS Georgia. In this capacity, he has contacted speakers for our monthly meetings and has assembled dynamic presentations on a wide-variety of topics relevant to ITS Georgia’s mission. Xuewen is diligent in following through with speaker arrangements and has tremendously eased the workload of the board. Previously, he served in a volunteer role for the 2012 Annual Meeting, working with Keith Strickland, as HNTB was the host firm for that meeting. In addition, Xuewen has promoted international ITS deployments by presenting to other technical audiences on ITS projects in China, information he gathered while vacationing there. Because of his proactive work ethic and service to ITS Georgia, Xuewen Le is being presented with the 2015 Outstanding Volunteer Award.”


Larry R. Dreihaup Award – Tom Sever

The ITS Georgia Larry R. Dreihaup Award is intended to recognize an individual or an organization who has provided leadership, professionalism, and dedication in promoting ITS in the State of Georgia during the previous twelve (12) months, if applicable.  The award is named in honor of Larry R. Dreihaup, Division Administrator for the Georgia Division of Federal Highway Administration for 6 years and ITS champion in Georgia.  Mr. Dreihaup was instrumental in establishing the world renowned Traffic Management Program in time for the 1996 Olympics.

“Tom Sever has been a leader in promoting ITS in the State of Georgia for over a decade as he has led

Gwinnett County in implementing one of the most robust ITS systems in the metro-Atlanta area. When the opportunity to run for ITS Georgia President arose two years ago, Tom did not hesitate to volunteer his leadership. Throughout the past couple of years, Tom has guided our organization through tremendous growth in membership, technical programs, and legislative support. Just some of Tom’s accomplishments as President include:

  • Representing ITS Georgia at the February 2014 Legislative Reception, co-hosted by Georgia Section ITE
  • Representing ITS Georgia at the inaugural ITS 3C Summit in Mobile, AL last year, where we joined over 400 participants from three chapters and five states, to promote ITS policies and deployments throughout the southeast
  • Welcoming attendees on behalf of ITS Georgia to the Complete Streets Symposium in November 2014
  • Receiving the 2014 Outstanding State Chapter Award on behalf of ITS Georgia from ITS America

Tom’s leadership has positioned ITS Georgia as one of the most active and accomplished ITS chapters in the country. We are fortunate to have benefited from his commitment, determination, and professionalism as we have grown our organization and positioned ourselves as leaders in the ITS community. For these reasons and for some many others, ITS Georgia is proud to present Tom Sever with the 2015 Larry R. Dreihaup Award.