2016 Meeting Archives

Here’s a record of chapter activities in 2016. If you need PDH documentation, you’ll find it here. Click on the dates below to visit meeting summary pages.

Dates and Sponsors for 2016

Wed.  Jan 27, 2016CohuHDTMC UpgradesMark Demidovich
 Wed. Feb 24, 2016 360 NSScholarship WinnersStudents
Thur. Feb 25, 2016SocialBINGO (or not)Whitney Nottage
 Wed. Mar 30, 2016SLTSPerformance-based DesignGeorge Merritt
Thur. Mar 31, 2016SocialTriviaWhitney Nottage
 Wed. Apl 27, 2016WavetronixGWCC Special Event ManagementTroy Galloway
Fri.May 6,2016SocialTopGolfWhitney Nottage
Wed. May 25, 2016UtilicomGDOT Connected VehiclesJohn Hibbard
Wed. June 29, 2016IntelightNaviGAtor 20th AnniversaryITS Pioneers
 Wed. Jul 27, 2016BeldenHighway Safety with ITSCarlos Alban
 Wed. Aug 31, 2016BlueTOAD SpectraGDOT Signal RolloutAlan Davis
Sep 25 -27, 2016Annual Meeting
Wed. Oct 26, 2016Fulco Trans., Awards, ScholarshipsTodd Long
Sun. Nov. 13, 2016Joint ITEHoliday Party
Wed. Dec. 7, 2016Constructability by Design