Here is a list of committees that help manage ITS Georgia activities, projects and official business.

2016 Annual Meeting
Chair: Marc Start
Board Member Manager: Bill Andrews
Members: AECOM Staff


2017 Annual Meeting
Chair: Mike Holt

Our 2017 annual meeting will be held October 8 – 10 at the Hyatt Regency in Savannah.

Chair: Matt Glasser
Board Member Manager: Billy Stalcup

The activities committee is responsible for planning the monthly chapter luncheons, and for coordinating other workshops and ITS-related activities in Georgia.

Chair: Jennifer Tassen
Board Member Manager: Mark Demidovich

The Awards Committee is responsible for administering the chapter’s annual recognition awards program.

Chair: Bill Wells
Board Member Manager: Mike Holt

The communications committee is responsible for preparing a communications plan for the year and implementing that plan. The committee coordinates outreach activities of the other committees.


Chair: Winter Horbal
Board Member Manager: Greg Morris

The Elections Committee is responsible for identifying and drafting a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and for administering the annual elections.

ITS Plan Review Training (Short-term Special Purpose Committee)

Chair: Bill Andrews
Board Member Manager: Matt Glasser and Mark Demidovich

The ITS plan review training committee will create a program to train transportation planners and reviewers on implementing ITS solutions into projects.

Chair: Joe Gillis
Board Member Manager: Alan Davis

The Legislative Committee is responsible for keeping track of key issues with policy makers that may affect the organization and its members.

Chair: Alvin James
Board Member Manager: Tom Sever and Keary Lord
The Membership Committee is responsible for identifying and recruiting new organizations and individuals.

Networking/Social Activities (Fun)
Chair: Whitney Nottage
Rachael Cohen
Board Member Manager: Derrick Crowder

The Networking/Social Activities Committee is responsible for organizing special programs to enhance member professional and personal growth.

Public Official Education
Chair: Mike Holt
Board Member Manager: Winter Horbal

The Public Officials Education Committee is responsible for outreach activities to Public Sector Officials and Appointees providing information on ITS and its benefits.

Chair: Keary Lord
Board Member Manager: Whitney Nottage

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for administering the Wayne Shackelford Scholarship program.

Student Chapter
Chair: Jim Tolson
Board Manager: Tom Udall

Liaison with student chapter at Georgia Tech.