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Here’s a record of chapter activities in 2015. If you need PDH documentation, you’ll find it here.

After a very successful 2014, ITS Georgia members jumped right into 2015 by hosting a training event with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) in January.  The audience was composed of about 50 GDOT project managers and plan reviewers.  The topics covered NaviGAtor, which is Georgia’s Intelligent Transportation System, ITS specifications, plan development, the I-285 variable speed limit signs project, the I-75 South Managed Lanes and arterial ITS.

Speakers shared their ITS-related experiences from concept development, design, construction, or daily operation and maintenance.   They discussed the challenges that they faced as well as their successes.   The goal was is to educate GDOT staff on the importance of ITS and how it affects the average driver as well as the project design and construction.  Additionally, the audience shared their experiences with the presenters and asked questions so that the Traffic Operations community can better support Designers and Project Managers in the future.

The session concluded with a panel of all the speakers discussing the future of Connected Vehicles in Georgia and taking any remaining questions.

This was a unique opportunity for the Department to hear from experts in ITS on advances we are currently making in Georgia and how they apply to current and future projects.

We want to thank Paul DeNard and Matt Glassner with GDOT for making the meeting arrangements, the speakers and most importantly, those who attended.

The presentations are in the Knowledgebase.

Chapter Meetings

January 28 – ITS Georgia Meeting – Social Media and Transportation

Karlene Barron, GDOT’s top communicator, gave us the scoop on their very successful outreach program. By attending you can learn about GDOT’s initiatives to improve digital outreach efforts.

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GDOT'S Karlene Barron

GDOT’S Karlene Barron


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February 25 – Snowed Out

We were planning to meet on the Georgia Tech campus, but the snow day kept us away. We want to thank SLTS for being our sponsor.




March 12: The ITS Georgia NaviGAtors placed third in their debut. Way to Show!

Team Trivia

 March 25 Chapter Meeting

We kicked off the student ITS Chapter at Georgia Tech. Learned about some of the ITS research underway at the university. We’ll also hear from the 2014 winner of the ITS Georgia-sponsored Wayne Shackelford Scholarship.  

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April Social Outing – Red Brick Brewery Tour

NaviGAtors at the Red Brick Brewery

NaviGAtors at the Red Brick Brewery

 April 29 Chapter Meeting


April 29 we got the latest on advanced technologies for pavement condition monitoring. Arash Roshandeh, Ph.D. from the City of Alpharetta discussed the application of different sensor types for early detection of pavement distresses. This to help state and local transportation departments meet the goals of MAP-21 legislation.

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May 28 Chapter Meeting


Matt Glasser presented GDOT’s Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) and how they have become a new tool for GDOT to use when combating winter weather.

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 June 25 Chapter Meeting

 Join us this month as we look  at new new technology for vehicle detection. Have loops met their match?
Title: Evaluation of Stop Bar Vehicle Detectors – Wireless Magnetometers and Span Wire Cameras
Accurate and reliable stop bar vehicle detection is critical to ensure satisfactory operations of actuated traffic signals. Provided the drawbacks associated with conventional inductive loop detectors, many emerging technologies have found their way into the vehicle detection industry. This presentation focuses on the performance evaluation of two such technologies: Wireless Magnetometers and Span Wire Cameras.
Wireless Magnetometers have been installed by many agencies and are considered as an alternative to inductive loop detectors. On the other hand, Span Wire Cameras are relatively new and are currently being field-tested by some agencies.
This evaluation aims to identify the conditions or factors underlying variation in performance of those detectors.
Presented by:
Jidong Yang, Ph.D.,P.E.
Assistant Professor Civil and Construction Engineering Kennesaw State University

July 30 Chapter Meeting

 Georgia Tech professor Steve Dickerson will present this meeting’s topic.
Using communications and computing technology to link passengers and vehicles.

Technology developed at Georgia Tech now in use by transit agencies, Universities and corporations.

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Work Shop – Signal Timing

This workshop aims to provide in-depth training on traffic signal timing and operations by linking theory with practices. Target Audience: Entry to mid-level traffic engineers & traffic signal technicians. Seating is limited.

Course Topics:

  • Traffic signal timing process
  • Signalized intersection operational and safety analysis
  • Traffic signal design concepts
  • Signal timing procedure and controllers settings
  • Signal coordination
  • Developing signal timing plans
  • Field implementation and fine tuning

Cost: $300 (including breakfast and lunch during the workshop)

Participants will receive 18.0 PDHs.


Jidong Yang, PhD, PE , Assistant Professor at Kennesaw State University, former City Traffic Signal System Engineer of Chattanooga, TN

Eli Veith, PE, Veith Traffic Services, former City Traffic Signal Engineer of Alpharetta, GA

August 27 Chapter Meeting

State Traffic Engineer Andrew Heath will give a briefing  on the impact of the Transportation Funding bill (HB 170) on ITS projects in Georgia.

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 October 29 Chapter Meeting

ITS@GT logoJoin us October 29 to kick off the new ITS Student Chapter based at Georgia Tech.

We’ll hear about exciting ITS R&D taking place at Georgia’s Universities and meet the ITS problem solvers of tomorrow.

This new student chapter is a major accomplishment for ITS Georgia and the work of dedicated faculty and students. Let’s celebrate this accomplishment.

Learn more about the student chapter here.

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connected vehicles

Connected Vehicles 102


Download Presentation

Download Workbook

This instructor-led workshop builds on the Connected Vehicle 101 workshop by providing additional details about future vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure applications. It will describe initial  considerations for deploying the enabling technology such as:

  • Identifying regional and local transportation challenges
  • Developing deployment concepts
  • Integrating your connected vehicle project into ongoing operations
  • Determining the kinds of data to collect and share
  • Using the Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture (CVRIA) to identify the key interfaces across the connected vehicle environment.

The objective of this workshop is to prepare transportation managers, project engineers, and operations staff for participating in a connected vehicle pilot deployment.

Our instructors are:
Carl Andersen
Connected Vehicle Program Manager
Federal Highway Administration
Anita Kim
Operations Research Analyst
Volpe National Transportation Systems Center



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