ITS Digital Technologies

The ITS Digital Technologies brings to bear over 20 years of experience in ITS and 10 years in access control. ITS Digital expertise in Video compression, Video sharing, automatic incident detection, radars and networking has supported large agencies such as GDOT under Core Tec Communications, LLC. ITS Digital is owned and operated by same component team that has supported your video and ITS needs as Core Tec Communications, LLC. Core Tec Communication is still doing the design and manufacturing of smart power supplies, video, access control and other electronics as OEM for well-known brands in the industry. ITS Digital has been teaming up with 360 Network Solutions since its inauguration.

  • 20+ years of experience in ITS, Video compression, video analytic, communication, Consulting, Management, Technical Sales National and International.
  • ITS consultant for Georgia Interstate Broadband Deployment Project.
  • ITS consultant for RTOP CCTV and Network Design.
  • Designed and implemented the VSS (Video Sharing Solution) for GDOT statewide.
  • Consultant on Design and implementation of AID (Automatic Incident Detection) for GDOT I-475 / I-85.

Contact: Hadi Daryadel