Georgia 511 – Traveler Information System

Providing travelers with information about traffic and transit conditions makes then active participants in improving the safety and efficiency of our transportation infrastructure. Several Traveler Information Systems (TIS) are at work assisting Georgia Travelers.

Georgia 511 Program

Georgia was one of the pioneers in providing up-to-the-minute travel information when it created Georgia NaviGAtor. Today, Georgia 511 makes traffic, travel, tourism and transit information accessible through your phone.

Georgia 511 is a free phone service that provides end-users with real time traffic and travel information, or allows commuters to request assistance 24 hours a day. Georgia 511 can be accessed from anywhere in Georgia, by simply dialing 5-1-

Get the app.

Get the app

1 or using the smartphone app.  511 also can provide you with the following travel information:

  1. Trip times
  2. Accurate, up-to-date information on statewide traffic conditions511 video_result
  3. Route-specific information
  4. Current and planned road and lane closures
  5. Construction
  6. Critical incidents
  7. AMBER alerts

511 Offers Important Connections

  1. Accident reporting and HERO request
  2. MARTA & Transit options
  3. Rideshare (Carpool or Vanpool)
  4. Atlanta and Savannah international airports
  5. Tourism information
  6. Neighboring state 511 systems (Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee)

In addition to 511, GDOT supplies information to local TV and radio stations and to mapping services such as google and Waze.

WSB TV Traffic Reporter Mark Arum

WSB TV Traffic Reporter Mark Arum