About ITS Georgia

The Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia

What is ITS Georgia?

The Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia is a state Chapter of ITS America. ITS America is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to advancing the research, development and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to improve the nation’s surface transportation system. ITS America and ITS Georgia members are organizations that believe these technologies can significantly improve the performance of our transportation system, and that have a stake in the success of ITS. The ITS stakeholder groups are typically identified as transportation agencies, transportation system users, ITS technology and service providers, and other agencies whose missions involve or are affected by the transportation system.

What is our mission?

We believe that ITS is a valuable tool for improved management of any transportation system, regardless of the inherent complexity of the system. ITS can help operate, manage, and maintain the system once it has been constructed.

We believe that ITS should be systematically incorporated into the earliest stages of project development, especially into the planning and design of transportation projects. We believe the best way to achieve this systematic incorporation into the process is through a coordinated, comprehensive program to “get out the word” on ITS to constituencies that might not otherwise consider the relevance of ITS to their transportation system.

Towards achieving this goal, the ITS Georgia Board adopted the following objectives:

  • Develop a broader ITS constituency
  • Educate policy makers (e.g., agency administrators, county commissioners, mayors, planning commissions, etc.) on benefits of continued operations and maintenance and how ITS can help.
  • Educate our members about national directions and technologies
  • Provide forums to share and coordinate ITS Georgia member missions and experiences.

Our Directors

ITS Georgia is governed by a Board of Directors elected annually by the membership.
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Joining ITS Georgia
Membership in ITS Georgia is open to any organization, agency, or company interested in furthering the use of advanced technologies towards relieving congestion, enhancing safety, minimizing the environmental impacts of our transportation system.

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Officers and Directors



Jenny Johnson, PE, PTOE



Marc Start, PE, PTOE

Winter-Horbal from Linkedin

Vice President

Winter G. Horbal, P.E.
Temple. Inc.



Xuewen S Le, PE, PTOE

Immediate Past President
Mike Holt, PE, PTOE, Stantec

Bill Andrews, City of Sandy Springs
Derrick Crowder, City of Roswell
Mark Demidovich, Georgia DOT
Matt Glasser, Georgia DOT
Whitney Nottage, Intelight
Kristin Phillips, Gwinnett County DOT
Billy Stalcup, 360ns
Dee Taylor, AECOM
Tom Udell, Jacobs/City of Johns Creek
Kofi Wakhisi, Atlanta Regional Commission

State Chapter Representative
Jom Tolson, Arcadis

Ex Officio
Greg Morris, Federal Highway Administration
Andres Ramirez, Federal Transit Administration


Here is a list of committees that help manage ITS Georgia activities, projects and official business.

2019 Annual Meeting - October 6 - 8 - Athens
Chair: Chuck Bailey

Chair: Winnie Long, Mathews George
Board Member Managers: Derrick Crowder, Winter Horbal, Bill Andrews

The activities committee is responsible for planning the monthly chapter luncheons, and for coordinating other workshops and ITS-related activities in Georgia.

Chair: Lina Abounassif
Board Member Manager: Jenny Johnson

The Awards Committee is responsible for administering the chapter's annual recognition awards program.

Chair: Bill Wells
Board Member Manager: Jenny Johnson

The communications committee is responsible for preparing a communications plan for the year and implementing that plan. The committee coordinates outreach activities of the other committees.


Chair: Kristin Phillips, Dino Pampolina
Board Member Manager: Whitney Nottage, Winter Horbal

The Elections Committee is responsible for identifying and drafting a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and for administering the annual elections.

Chair: Kofi Wakhisi, Natalie Smusz-Mengelkoch
Board Member Manager: Tom Udell

The Legislative Committee is responsible for keeping track of key issues with policy makers that may affect the organization and its members.

Chair: Tom Glueckert
Board Member Managers: Billy Stalcup, Matt Glasser

The Membership Committee is responsible for identifying and recruiting new organizations and individuals.

Networking/Social Activities (Fun)
Chair: Rachel Cohen
Board Member Manager: Whitney Nottage

The Networking/Social Activities Committee is responsible for organizing special programs to enhance member professional and personal growth.

Chairs: Matt Glasser, Kristin Phillips, Kenn Fink
Board Member Manager: Dee Taylor

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for administering the Wayne Shackelford Scholarship program.

Student Chapter
Chair: Jonathan Moore
Board Manager: Jim Tolson

Liaison with student chapter at Georgia Tech.